Hospitality Safety & Security Services has the experience and knowledge to identify risks that can adversely affect the performance and profitability of your Hospitality business or a Hospitality related business. Hospitality Safety and Security Services has the ability to provide service to Hotels, Resorts, Apartment Communities, Retirement Communities, and Vacation Ownership Properties. Mike Cazel, the principal of the organization, has nearly 50 years of experience in criminal justice, safety, security & OSHA Compliance with over 35 years dedicated solely to clients in the Hospitality or Hospitality related fields. Most recently, Mike served as the Vice President for a major hospitality safety and security consulting firm, where the clients were hotels, resorts, apartment & retirement communities, along with vacation ownership properties. Hospitality Safety & Security Services was assembled to provide the hospitality industry and hospitality related industries with a comprehensive and effective approach to the safety, security, and OSHA concerns that could affect your organization. With this in mind, a team of experts with over 200 years of experience has been positioned throughout the nation to serve your unique needs.

Hospitality Safety & Security Services stands ready to serve as your corporate expert in assisting you with the development of appropriate safety and security practices, as well as OSHA compliance strategies. Additionally, Hospitality Safety & Security Services is able to provide numerous training programs to help educate your management team and your associates in key areas of compliance.

A small listing of the scope of proactive services that Hospitality Safety & Security is able to provide your organization is provided below:

!For reductions in your accident frequency and severity, as well as, reductions in your security and liability exposures contact Hospitality Safety & Security Services.

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